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To catch a ride on the TTR, you have three possible options.

The first is right here at this web site, which, happily, you've already located. Thanks for dropping by.

The second option is to travel to Punkydoodle county and go south on Old Beamish Road until you pass Ralph Doolittle's apple orchard (look for his sign "From Our Orchard To Your Pie").

Next, turn right onto Sideroad No. 2 and enjoy the tranquil scenery as it winds majestically uphill for ten or twelve miles through lush valleys and dense forest groves, past ivy-covered cottages, fertile pasture land, barley fields and several ol' fishin' holes until eventually it arrives at one of the most picturesque little towns in all of creation --- the bucolic burg of Sleepyville, population 2,108 (2,110 when Gladys Singleton's sister and brother-in-law come from out of town to stay with them --- much to her husband Clyde's chagrin).

Now if you call in at the general store and compliment the proprietor on her new hair-do and recent weight loss, she should gladly provide you with directions to the Sleepyville train station --- where, if you're lucky, the station master will be on duty, awake, and not too put out by your unscheduled appearance to provide you with a TTR timetable.

If I remember correctly, the train departs daily at one and six pm on the dot (give or take an hour or two) so, if Lady Luck has frowned on you and caused you to miss the first, I heartily suggest that you sit back, relax, and wait for the second.

You can pass the time quite happily by perusing the Sleepyville Gazette and occasionally letting your mind wander to your upcoming soothing ride on the rails, courtesy of engineers Casey and Jeb.

Now, the third and only other possible access point to the Toy Trunk Railroad lies in the well-lit basement of Walter Bupzik's humble home. Yes, inexplicably, his model train layout contains a large portion of the TTR Line.

No one is quite sure why this is so, least of all Walter and the tiny denizens of Sleepyville (who are completely in the dark on the subject and totally unaware of each others presence).

Keeping this in mind, try not to ask Walter too many fact, try not to say too much at all. You never know what might inadvertently slip out.

I suggest that you just kick back on Walt's battered old couch, sip a glass of Mona's famous fruit punch, and enjoy yourself as Walter proudly shows you his layout.

And if anything peculiar happens while you're there --- just shrug your shoulders and feign ignorance... and try very hard to keep that knowing smile off your face.

Remember..... what Walter doesn't know..... will only make him happier.


Copyright© 2005 Erik Sansom